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Mortgage brokers in Parramatta

Finding a reliable mortgage broker in Parramatta is a real pain these days. With many cases of deception related to mortgaging properties, it becomes scary and risky to trust just any broker claiming to be one when it comes to mortgage. But first let us know what the proper definition of Mortgage broker.

Mortgage brokers in Parramatta

Who is a mortgage broker?

So, as per the technical definitions:

  • Technically a mortgage broker is an perfect intermediary who plan to bring both  mortgage borrowers and mortgage lenders together on a single platform. Genrally the most mortgage broker in Parramatta doesn’t use 100% of their own funds to originate the  mortgages. The Mortgage Brokers helps borrowers to connect with the  lenders and aims to plan out the best to fit in terms of the borrower’s exact  financial situation, the repaying capacity and various interest rate needs etc.
  • The broker earns a commission from either the borrower, the lender, or both at closing. The commission that a Mortgage brokers earns is known as origination fees. This is based on the size of the loan and may work independently or as an employee of a larger mortgage brokerage firm.

As a matter of fact, a mortgage broker in Parramatta is also often confused with a “mortgage banker”. Technically speaking the mortgage banker closes and “funds the mortgage” with its own funds, where the mortgage broker in Parramatta saves a borrower’s time and effort during the application process, and potentially a lot of money over the life of the loan.

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Mortgage Advisor in Parramatta

How to find a reliable mortgage advisor in Parramatta?

When we talk about a mortgage broker in Parramatta, people usually use online search engines for the purpose. The other way Is to ask around for people who have consulted one ever. However, in all cases of choosing right mortgage broker, look for the following list of services that they must provide in order to stand out:

  • That they do a free loan comparison amongst Australia’s leading Lenders
  • That they themselves can come to you, day or night, at your office or in your own home
  • That they do guide you through the entire loan application process with all dos and don’ts
  • That they also do the application paperwork & liaise with the lenders on the behalf of the applicant (that’s you)
  • That they assign you with your own personal Mortgage Broker
  • They should also specialise in complex loans with credit impairments & defaults
  • Not to be forgotten, that their prime focus must be customer service & meeting your needs
  • The services that the broker provides should be cost and obligation free. *Lender fees may apply.

Having said that, after a detailed market research based on the above parameters, our own experience and market reputation, we prepared a list some great and reliable mortgage brokers in Parramatta, Australia.

Mortgage brokers in Parramatta

They are listed below with all requisite details:

Parramatta Mortgage Options-AMO is a multi-award-winning mortgage manager. It was founded in 1998, and since then has specialised in helping 1000s of clients in selecting the best home loan package that suits their needs. It can be said that AMO is at the forefront of the home loan market. It is also a renowned as a leader in product innovation for its clients.

Interestingly, they claim that they will give you back $100 for your time invested in case they can’t improve your current home loan situation. AMO offers you an obligation free & professional service and the guidance remains through into the future with an experienced in-house customer service team to help you with all your needs.

Other services: that they provide are : In-house approvals, backup support, loan health checks, Free 7-day mobile lending service, Tax minimisation, Financial consultation strategy, Credit impaired home loans, Australian credit licence number and more!



Parramatta Home Loan options has very god reviews for its work. They claim that they search 100’s of home loans from the Australia’s top lenders so that customers get a better home loan. They also provide non obligatory service. They provide services like refinancing home loan, low doc loans, wealth creation, saving Thousands accurately structuring home loan and Investment Loans and few other services.

Address: Suite 19 103 George St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Phone: 1300895999.

They provide a multitude of services like Business Financing, Debt Consolidation, First Home Grants, Mortgage Reduction, Refinancing etc. The kind of finances they deal in are:

2nd Mortgage, Banks, Building Loan, Construction, Equity Loans, Fixed Rate, Home Loans, Investments, Land Loans, Low Documentation, Loyalty Rewards, No Documentation, Non-Conforming Loans, Owner Occupied, Personal Loans, Pre-approvals, Reverse Mortgages, Rural, Self Employed, Split Loans, Term, Variable.

They offer services by name of certain products that go as: Business Debt, Home Improvement, Mobile Lending, Multi-tiered Lender Products and cater to Commercial, Industrial, Investors, Residential, Seniors.

Address: 197 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Phone: 1800694878

Finance Ferret Pty is quite renowned for its customer-oriented staff. Reviews speak about staff being very impressive because of the professional, down to earth and knowledgeable advice they provide from Breakthrough Brokers. They keep you up to date and informed throughout the entire loan process. They will make sure they meet with me at a suitable and convenient time and explain everything to you thoroughly.

Address: Level 7 91 Philip St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Phone: (02)85567566

They pronounce their goal as ‘offering competitive rate and the best deal that helps you save time and money’            . Excitingly, they offer more than home loans, like car and personal loans. Sphere Loans Australia provides free Mortgage advice on Home Loan, Commercial Loan, Business Loan, SMSF, and Car Loan. Being over ten years old, they have helped many families, investors and individuals achieve their wealth through property and investment.

Their credibility lies in the fact that they offer a transparent loan process and have invested in the latest technology the Mortgage industry offers. Thus, they excel in customer service, business management, compliance and regulation.

Address: Unit 607 22 Charles St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Phone: 1300123899

There are few other reputed mortgage brokers in Parramatta, and the list is endless. To choose the best from the options we have provided and that you have looked for, refer to the requisite service standards list that we have provided in this article in the initial paragraphs. Happy Searching!